Welcome to basicmm.com! A lot has changed since this website first launched in 1999. Not just with our website, and the musical life and endeavors of Greg & Jen Campbell—but also with the internet itself!

This website used to be THE place to find basic music and merchandise, but now cassettes are no longer the best way to distribute music. (I know, right??!) Likewise, one place to find all basic stuff is not really the way to go, either.

Thus basicmm.com will now primarily be a hub. Keep your bookmark, but this site will mostly link you to our other landing spots.

Without further ado, click an image or word below and visit a region of the current basic digital empire!

(Perhaps that's not the most accurate description, but... it was more fun.) :-)

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  • PCTC 2005

    PCTC 2005 - Live at The Forum

  • God Came: A Christmas Album

    God Came - A Christmas Album

  • Come As You Are

    Come As You Are

  • Lord, Hear My Voice

    Lord, Hear My Voice

  • Another Road Trip

    Another Road Trip