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Even More by basic - Sep 15, 2015

Hello friend,

The VERY short message here is: would you please consider helping us with a final push to fund the making of Even More?

(Please skip to the end if you don't want the full message.)

I want to share with you my thoughts, my heart, regarding our new album, Even More. We're probably about two-thirds of the way to the finish line, but we can't reach that without a little more funding. I don't expect you to just hand over money, no matter the amount, for something you don't believe in. That's why I really appreciate you who have helped us to get this far (financially). I know you're excited about the new music, but maybe even more happy to support us in our work, and also the people we are supporting by this undertaking.

I have found myself spending a lot of time thinking about this new album we are working on. I don't just mean all the planning and work that goes into making it.

I mean... why. Why are we doing this album? Why am I putting so much of me into this work? What is it for? Who is it for?

What I realized was, I am not making this album for me, or for us.

This album is not for our own financial gain, nor for our fame, notoriety, attention, or any other selfish ambition. (Phil 2:3-4)

It's for you. And you, and you, and you, and you...

It's for the Sprinkles. Good friends (to everyone, not just us) who love God and love people. Jesse (recording/mixing and drumming on this project) has been gifted by God to make music like not many other people I know.

It's for people who love music. For people who love God. For people who want to think on good things. For someone who is hurting, sad, lonely. For another who is living life on a metaphorical mountaintop right now.

It's for you, and the people you and I don't know.

We are so glad to do the work of making it. The hours and hours, and hundreds of hours that go into planning, practicing, tracking and re-tracking, editing, listening, focusing and carefully executing that which we've practiced, coordinating, arranging, creating together with other musicians, more listening, editing, tracking... and somehow, doing all of this while most of us must earn money to pay for our food and clothes and homes and vehicles by other means.


The work is hard. It's long and draining. Taxing, exhausting, and also exhilarating. It's wonderful, fun, creative, invigorating. We love it!

Still, it can be arduous. And it just takes time. And money. Money to pay the family who owns the studio, the skilled musician who runs the board, who places the mics, who knows how to make all the collected sounds into great music! Not to mention the other musicians who add their talents to the project!

It also takes gas, and food, and other mundane things we all need.

But in the end is born a new creation. A creation of our own doing, but also (I believe) of God's doing. He has gifted, he has inspired, and he continues to do so through what we've recorded.

(That is my favorite part of recordings... their long reach through time and space.)

Like this, from an email I received recently:

"I listened to This Journey again... this morning. There are so many powerful reminders in that song. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to savor what God is doing in each moment... in THIS moment."

This is why we record. This is why we are working at this, why we want to do this.

But we can't do it alone. We just can't.

We can do it together.

We can not accomplish the making of Even More on our own, so we are asking for your help. When you can contribute money toward the making of Even More, yes, you do get your own copy of the music to enjoy, but you are also making its existence possible. You are helping to make it for someone else, too. Many someones.

You can help us make this music. You can help...

That is it right there. We love making music. Music is enjoyable, fun, exciting, entertaining, and it's a joy to accomplish something musically excellent. But the whole thing is about Him. Our Creator. Our Father. God. (Col 3:16-17, 23)

It really is.

And so this music, this work, this creation; we are making this so that you and whoever it may one day reach that we will never know, can hear and be drawn to the love that our Father has for us, and the hope that he is always, always with us. Whether just at that one perfect moment, or again and again. And again.

And we are asking people to join us in making that possible.

Here's How To Help

If 200 people can give us $20, we'd cover all of the expenses we'll have for this project. (And several hundred copies of this album will be out there for God to use!)

If 100 people could give us $40, if 50 could give $80, if 400 could give ten dollars...

It's not very much money, but it can have such a great impact.

Please consider helping us by contributing at (order a CD, or a digital album, or contribute as much as you can or want). This is the way to get the most money to us, and we're applying all money from any sales (any albums) to the Even More fund until it's finished.

Please also let other people know this is happening. That's a great way to help.

If you think a friend or group of friends would feel more comfortable contributing through a fundraising site, we've set up a page at IndieGoGo:

We'll send you a copy of the first single, This Journey, with any contribution. (Or you can buy it for a dollar at our Bandcamp page.)

Also, you can get a more extensive preview of the songs on the album at our Facebook Page: During the first thirteen days of August, we're featuring one song daily, the track number corresponding to the date. (e.g. track one on August 1st, track two on August 2nd, etc.) We've even posted a couple audio clips from the in-progress work.

Thank you for reading. Really. We only have so much time. Thanks for giving some of yours to consider this.

If you can help us with some money to be able to make Even More a reality for whomever God chooses to connect with through it, then thank you doubly. Or triply.

Grace and Peace to you, wherever you are.
God is with you. And for you.
(Romans 5)

Greg & Jen Campbell