Friday, August 05, 2005

The Grace Of God

The song for this edition of basicmm radio is one that has only been recorded once, for a now extinct demo CD recorded way back in 1995! (View the cover art below... it's amazing.) :-)

I made an error on the podcast. I said that the song was written in 1995. It was actually written in 1994! Crazy. That's a long time ago. The words are still true. The song is still cool. Mostly. :-)

So, here are the lyrics, and the album art. I hope you enjoy the song. (click the title above to listen if you are just visiting the page, and not getting this via iTunes or some other podcast software).

We'll see ya next time!
The Grace of God (1994)

Oh, I've done it again
Though I said I wouldn't
Yeah, my flesh was weak
And I turned from God

//How can He ever forgive me
Over, again and again
Lord, I come back pleading
For your love//

(But) Oh, He's done it again
Loved me, even though he shouldn't
Yeah, my love is weak
But His is strong
His is strong, is strong


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Laura said...

WOW! i wonder why you don't like to wear tuxes more often!;-)


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