Friday, December 16, 2005

The End: A Christmas Concert

Well, as the saying goes... All good things must come to an end. (Or, at least, it's something like that...) This is the final episode of basicmm radio. Thanks for joining us on this experimental journey! It's been really fun! I've learned a lot about podcasting for sure, and just had a ton of fun digging through the basic archives. I hope you have enjoyed it too! :-)

This final episode is larger than most because I figured we should go out with a bang! So you get a full HOUR-LONG EPISODE! We received a tape from a concert we did this month in Clinton, NY (Resurrection Assembly of God), and there were some holiday tunes on there, and a bunch of other stuff that came out pretty OK... so I figured, why not! You'll get the full experience of a basic concert! It is a 42.9MB file, though... so sit back and relax as it downloads. :-)

There are too many songs to put the lyrics and links to iTunes here, so if you want to buy any of the songs (that are available) on this program, just click the link below to go to the iMix I created with ALL of our songs on it:

All the basic songs...

And for lyrics, go to:

Thanks for listening! We'll keep this page up indefinitely, so send friends to catch the reruns as the years go by.

(Maybe we'll be a big hit in syndication...)


Friday, December 02, 2005

Interview with The Original basic Band

We have a SPECIAL EDITION of basicmm radio for you today! This past week we caught up with three of the original other four members of basic (including Greg's sister, Tara - the original "s" in basic!) It's a pretty entertaining conversation about where everyone is these days, and remembering some funny moments in our time together as the original basic band!

We also included two songs from a video we found taken during a youth rally at the Clarence Church of Christ in April 1996! The lyrics and links to those songs are below.

Thanks for listening! Don't forget to pick up these songs at the iTunes Music Store after hearing them here!

Enjoy the interview!

As I Hear Your Voice (1995)
As I Hear Your Voice

As I hear Your voice softly whisper,
"Child, Come spend some time with me"
I go, but then I falter
Doing only that which pleases me
Why do I lose my focus?
Doing the things I don't want to
You know my aim, my hope is
Only pleasing, loving You

My Lord, My God, My King
You are my everything
And right now as I sing
My humble praise is all I can bring

My Lord I know where I stand
My eyes can't even meet your feet
But still you call my name, and
Lift me so our eyes can meet

Oh how undeserving
I'm a sinner saved by grace
In my walk I am swerving
But your Spirit leads me straight
(Chorus 2X)

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1995 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

What You Say (1995)
What You Say

You say you're going nowhere
And fast, you don't know how
But you gotta get off this crazy carousel
You say you don't know when
But you know you want it to end
But you go around and round again

He wants to free you from the
Things that are binding you and
Give you the peace that only he can give

You say you'll never leave me
And not a thing can separate me
From the love in you
You say that I have loved
Because of the love first shown me
All I need my God, Oh, is your love

You want to free me from the
Things that are binding me and
Give me the peace that only
You can give

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1995 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

Some more photos from 1996:

Time For a Change

Hey basicmm radio listeners...

Thanks for checking out our podcast, and subscribing to this feed! We're glad to have shared these songs with you this year, and the stories behind them! Fun to relive all that with you.

Due to many contributing factors, we will no longer be releasing new versions of the show after the 3rd Friday in December. (So, including today, two more shows.) We will leave this site up indefinitely, so feel free to check back and listen to any shows you may have missed!

Thanks again for listening!
See ya out there!

Friday, November 18, 2005


We are playing at Impact Theater tonight, so I found a tape from a previous concert and thought I'd share a little taste of Impact with you guys who might not be able to make the show. :-)

The song we chose to highlight this week is one of our more popular songs off of the album Lord, Hear My Voice. Peace is a very simple song taken from the words of Paul in Philippians 4:6-7. This version was recorded at Impact Theater in November of 2003. The audio quality is not the best, but it is a live version, so that's to be expected.

We have included the lyrics below, and you can click the iTunes button below to purchase the individual track directly from iTunes. Or, you can grab the whole album for only $9.99! Good deal!

Thanks for listening! See ya next time!
Greg & Jen C
(from the road!)

Peace (1996)


Be anxious for nothing
But give all things over to God
And daily in prayer
Present your requests

And the peace, that passes understanding
Will guard your hearts and your minds
Yes the peace that passes understanding
Will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1996 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Mountain To The Sea

This week's edition of basicmm radio features a conversation with the inspiration behind one of the songs on our Come As You Are CD, The Mountain To The Sea. Chris Irwin is a friend who has a funny story about this particular song. :-)

It's a different sort of show, hope you enjoy!

The song was recorded at a coffee house in Victor, NY in 2003. The lyrics are included below, and you can click the iTunes button below to purchase the individual track directly from iTunes. Or, you can grab the whole album for only $9.99! Good deal!

Thanks for listening! See ya next time!
Greg & Jen C
(from the road!)

The Mountain To The Sea (1995) The Mountain to the Sea
Dancin' on the hilltops
Following the mountain to the shore
All the way you stop to wonder
Will I see this mountain anymore?
Such a calm and peaceful place
You don't want to leave it but you know
There will be many mountains you will see

As you reach the shore you notice
A wide and open raging sea
"Can this be the way to go now
Is this sea calling to me?"
Though the waters rage around you
You press on 'cause you can see
There will be another mountain there for me

On this path of life we go through many stormy
Seas not knowing when we'll reach dry land
But looking back just reminds us of where we used to be
Not where we're going to be
Pressing on toward the goal of our lives we will
Reach that final mountain top, there with Him

Following the path to heaven
Stormy seas come and they go
But mountains interrupt their madness
A sturdy peaceful place to go
There is one last mighty mountain
A final mountain for your soul
There will be the greatest mountain we will see

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1995 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Solid Rock

This is a busy, busy time for us here in basicland. We have a busy month of special days (birthdays and anniversaries) and we have been doing more gigs than normal, and we are going on vacation next week... so, lots to do.

For that reason, this show is shorter than usual, and strangely, the song is quite applicable to our current whirlwind of life! We recorded the old hymn, The Solid Rock this past February in Harrisburg, PA at the PCTC (the Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention). Actually was a pretty decent recording, and I love the version of the song. The band filled the song out nicely!

We do not have a link to the song in iTunes, but you can purchase the whole PCTC 2005 CD for only $4.95 through our website! Here's a link to that page: It has 12 other songs, including some originals that have not been otherwise released.

Thanks much for your support, and I hope you know the Peace of The Solid Rock today!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Faith To Be My Eyes

It's not always easy to really trust God, and not worry about the things we see around us. In our lives, finances have often been so tight that they truly test our faith in God to provide. That has been the case over the last months, and was definitely true when I wrote the song, Faith To Be My Eyes.

The song was recorded through a little 4-channel 80-watt power amp to a cassette deck two years ago on Nov 21, 2003. So, the audio quality is not great. The song is a great reminder for me to trust what I know about God, rather than what I see around me. That's harder to do sometimes. But we know that He does not change, and that allows us to "walk by faith, and not by sight". The lyrics of the song are below.

Faith To Be My Eyes has not been recorded on a studio album yet. It is slated for a future release currently title, "Reach". There are no concrete plans for when that might be released. After 2007, I'd say. So, you can enjoy this pre-release version for quite some time. :-)

As always, thanks for listening. Catch ya next time.
Faith To Be My Eyes (2003)
Why is it that I can trust you
When I’ve got my ducks in a row?
But when anything goes against me
I wonder why you never showed

What is this right to perfection
That I feel my life must deserve?
When my life gets a little harder
I wonder where I made the wrong turn

I need to keep my eyes wide open
And know that you never change
Don’t let my worrying heart take over
I need my faith to be my eyes

We have this misconception
That bad things mean something’s wrong
But I have learned from example
That you can turn bad into good
This pain is just temporary
Though right now it overwhelms me
Please train my eyes to focus
On your faithfulness to me

Walk by faith, and not by sight
We’ve heard those words before tonight…
But when our world is fallin in on us
That’s when they really can take flight…

Keep my eyes off circumstances
And let me focus in on you
My worryin heart is prone to dancin
With every new point of view
But every new day is full of chances
To rip off the blinders and gaze into
The world of faith that can be before me
Knowing that you always come through

Keep my eyes on you - - - I need my faith to be my eyes
Words & Music by: Greg Campbell
Copyright © 2003 basic music ministries.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Error Corrected

To any of you who are subscribed to the show via an RSS reader, my apologies. I inserted an incorrect link when I initially posted the show today. This has been corrected. If your reader downloaded the incorrect link already, you'll have to refresh it somehow. I was able to do this in iTunes by deleting the podcast I had in my podcast library, and just resubscribing at the iTunes Music Store.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading the show.


A home recording of a song written for the Victor Unity Fest back in 2001 is featured on this edition of basicmm radio. The song was a request by our friend John Oliphant, and was first performed at the Unity Fest in January 2002. The lyrics of the song are below.

Now, for those of you who actually VISIT the podcast page... :-) you get an inside scoop not posted elsewhere...

We are in the preliminary stages of our next studio album! This song will be included on that CD, along with up to 14 or 15 other worship songs. The album will apropriately be titled (as of now) "Worship". Hope to have it available for purchase sometime in 2006. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for listening. Catch ya next time.
Unified (2001)

We are the Body of Christ
Hand in hand, side by side
We'll take this world for Jesus
Even giving our lives
We are unified

"So, what are you?" we ask all the time
Simply "A Christian," just won't suffice
Too many labels dividing our side
Begging the question -
Are we unified?

Brother and sister, look the other way
"It's not my problem, it's his," we say
But we're a family, united in Christ
So grab the hand of your brother
Let's be unified

Let this world see the beauty of Him
So many diverse, all unified
Ev'ry tongue, ev'ry tribe, ev'ry nation…

Words & Music by: Greg Campbell
Copyright © 2001 basic music ministries.