Friday, September 02, 2005

Local Artist Showcase

Get to know basic on this edition of basicmm radio! A few years ago now, we did an interview on a show called "Local Artist Showcase" on the Family Life Network (a group of radio stations across NY and PA). I came across the CD recently, and am posting the show in its entirety here with their permission.

The interview is done by Bruce Barrows, and includes our songs The One and My Visible See-Through Friend from our Come As You Are CD. Also, they featured another artist Wendy Gammon from Livonia, NY. Bonus! :-)

We mentioned on the show that you can e-mail in song suggestions to the show and we'll see what we can dig up! Email us at Also mentioned was that you can make a donation to basic via this website and PayPal. Your donations would certainly be appreciated, and probably won't be mentioned again. :-)

Enjoy the show! Here are the two songs featured, along with a link to purchase the song from iTunes!
The One (1997)
buy this song at --->The One

I'm searchin' for somethin' real to me, I'm searchin' for nothin' that I see
They say there's nothin' out there, They say that I'll go nowhere
But I say... hey, I say...

I want to know You better, Lord
I want nothing less, nothing more
I want to know you better...
There's nothing new under the sun, nothing that hasn't already been done
There's nothing new under the sun, Lord, I want to know the One

Who made the land, who made the sea; who gave me life and now watches me
From the tiny bird to the mountain, the desert refreshed by a fountain
He made it all, it all is His, and He gives the life that I now live

That made me, that formed me to be; that caught me, brought me to my knees
I can not believe You loved me, hung on the cross thinkin' of me
But now I sit here knowing the One who's known me the best since my life begun

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1997 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

My Visible, See-Through Friend (2000)
buy this song at --->My Visible, See-Through Friend

I can't feel your arms around me, but I know that they are there
And I can't see your eyes lookin' at me, but I know they're everywhere
And I can't even hear your voice, callin' out my name
But deep inside my heart confirms you, and I know it just the same

You speak the language of my heart, connecting with my soul
And though it seems we're worlds apart, you have become my whole
Life, my whole way of thinking, you cause my every move
And deep inside my heart confirms you, cause my life has been made new

Oh, you have my heart, though I can't touch you
And I know that I am yours - I feel it deep inside
No storm can ever undo, the faith I have built in you
My visible, see-through friend

I did not get to see when you made the stars
Was it all just for me, did you see so far
Ahead, that I would see your face, lookin' back at me
In all the things that you have made, sayin, "I have set you free!"

Can it be that just a man right here like me
Can have a friend he can not see?
Well friend I tell you that it's not these eyes that see
It's the eyes of faith that have come - from seein' the things he has done

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 2000 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.


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