Friday, September 16, 2005


A home recording of a song written for the Victor Unity Fest back in 2001 is featured on this edition of basicmm radio. The song was a request by our friend John Oliphant, and was first performed at the Unity Fest in January 2002. The lyrics of the song are below.

Now, for those of you who actually VISIT the podcast page... :-) you get an inside scoop not posted elsewhere...

We are in the preliminary stages of our next studio album! This song will be included on that CD, along with up to 14 or 15 other worship songs. The album will apropriately be titled (as of now) "Worship". Hope to have it available for purchase sometime in 2006. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for listening. Catch ya next time.
Unified (2001)

We are the Body of Christ
Hand in hand, side by side
We'll take this world for Jesus
Even giving our lives
We are unified

"So, what are you?" we ask all the time
Simply "A Christian," just won't suffice
Too many labels dividing our side
Begging the question -
Are we unified?

Brother and sister, look the other way
"It's not my problem, it's his," we say
But we're a family, united in Christ
So grab the hand of your brother
Let's be unified

Let this world see the beauty of Him
So many diverse, all unified
Ev'ry tongue, ev'ry tribe, ev'ry nation…

Words & Music by: Greg Campbell
Copyright © 2001 basic music ministries.


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