Friday, October 07, 2005

Faith To Be My Eyes

It's not always easy to really trust God, and not worry about the things we see around us. In our lives, finances have often been so tight that they truly test our faith in God to provide. That has been the case over the last months, and was definitely true when I wrote the song, Faith To Be My Eyes.

The song was recorded through a little 4-channel 80-watt power amp to a cassette deck two years ago on Nov 21, 2003. So, the audio quality is not great. The song is a great reminder for me to trust what I know about God, rather than what I see around me. That's harder to do sometimes. But we know that He does not change, and that allows us to "walk by faith, and not by sight". The lyrics of the song are below.

Faith To Be My Eyes has not been recorded on a studio album yet. It is slated for a future release currently title, "Reach". There are no concrete plans for when that might be released. After 2007, I'd say. So, you can enjoy this pre-release version for quite some time. :-)

As always, thanks for listening. Catch ya next time.
Faith To Be My Eyes (2003)
Why is it that I can trust you
When I’ve got my ducks in a row?
But when anything goes against me
I wonder why you never showed

What is this right to perfection
That I feel my life must deserve?
When my life gets a little harder
I wonder where I made the wrong turn

I need to keep my eyes wide open
And know that you never change
Don’t let my worrying heart take over
I need my faith to be my eyes

We have this misconception
That bad things mean something’s wrong
But I have learned from example
That you can turn bad into good
This pain is just temporary
Though right now it overwhelms me
Please train my eyes to focus
On your faithfulness to me

Walk by faith, and not by sight
We’ve heard those words before tonight…
But when our world is fallin in on us
That’s when they really can take flight…

Keep my eyes off circumstances
And let me focus in on you
My worryin heart is prone to dancin
With every new point of view
But every new day is full of chances
To rip off the blinders and gaze into
The world of faith that can be before me
Knowing that you always come through

Keep my eyes on you - - - I need my faith to be my eyes
Words & Music by: Greg Campbell
Copyright © 2003 basic music ministries.


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