Friday, October 21, 2005

The Solid Rock

This is a busy, busy time for us here in basicland. We have a busy month of special days (birthdays and anniversaries) and we have been doing more gigs than normal, and we are going on vacation next week... so, lots to do.

For that reason, this show is shorter than usual, and strangely, the song is quite applicable to our current whirlwind of life! We recorded the old hymn, The Solid Rock this past February in Harrisburg, PA at the PCTC (the Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention). Actually was a pretty decent recording, and I love the version of the song. The band filled the song out nicely!

We do not have a link to the song in iTunes, but you can purchase the whole PCTC 2005 CD for only $4.95 through our website! Here's a link to that page: It has 12 other songs, including some originals that have not been otherwise released.

Thanks much for your support, and I hope you know the Peace of The Solid Rock today!


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