Friday, November 04, 2005

The Mountain To The Sea

This week's edition of basicmm radio features a conversation with the inspiration behind one of the songs on our Come As You Are CD, The Mountain To The Sea. Chris Irwin is a friend who has a funny story about this particular song. :-)

It's a different sort of show, hope you enjoy!

The song was recorded at a coffee house in Victor, NY in 2003. The lyrics are included below, and you can click the iTunes button below to purchase the individual track directly from iTunes. Or, you can grab the whole album for only $9.99! Good deal!

Thanks for listening! See ya next time!
Greg & Jen C
(from the road!)

The Mountain To The Sea (1995) The Mountain to the Sea
Dancin' on the hilltops
Following the mountain to the shore
All the way you stop to wonder
Will I see this mountain anymore?
Such a calm and peaceful place
You don't want to leave it but you know
There will be many mountains you will see

As you reach the shore you notice
A wide and open raging sea
"Can this be the way to go now
Is this sea calling to me?"
Though the waters rage around you
You press on 'cause you can see
There will be another mountain there for me

On this path of life we go through many stormy
Seas not knowing when we'll reach dry land
But looking back just reminds us of where we used to be
Not where we're going to be
Pressing on toward the goal of our lives we will
Reach that final mountain top, there with Him

Following the path to heaven
Stormy seas come and they go
But mountains interrupt their madness
A sturdy peaceful place to go
There is one last mighty mountain
A final mountain for your soul
There will be the greatest mountain we will see

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1995 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.


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