Friday, December 16, 2005

The End: A Christmas Concert

Well, as the saying goes... All good things must come to an end. (Or, at least, it's something like that...) This is the final episode of basicmm radio. Thanks for joining us on this experimental journey! It's been really fun! I've learned a lot about podcasting for sure, and just had a ton of fun digging through the basic archives. I hope you have enjoyed it too! :-)

This final episode is larger than most because I figured we should go out with a bang! So you get a full HOUR-LONG EPISODE! We received a tape from a concert we did this month in Clinton, NY (Resurrection Assembly of God), and there were some holiday tunes on there, and a bunch of other stuff that came out pretty OK... so I figured, why not! You'll get the full experience of a basic concert! It is a 42.9MB file, though... so sit back and relax as it downloads. :-)

There are too many songs to put the lyrics and links to iTunes here, so if you want to buy any of the songs (that are available) on this program, just click the link below to go to the iMix I created with ALL of our songs on it:

All the basic songs...

And for lyrics, go to:

Thanks for listening! We'll keep this page up indefinitely, so send friends to catch the reruns as the years go by.

(Maybe we'll be a big hit in syndication...)


Friday, December 02, 2005

Interview with The Original basic Band

We have a SPECIAL EDITION of basicmm radio for you today! This past week we caught up with three of the original other four members of basic (including Greg's sister, Tara - the original "s" in basic!) It's a pretty entertaining conversation about where everyone is these days, and remembering some funny moments in our time together as the original basic band!

We also included two songs from a video we found taken during a youth rally at the Clarence Church of Christ in April 1996! The lyrics and links to those songs are below.

Thanks for listening! Don't forget to pick up these songs at the iTunes Music Store after hearing them here!

Enjoy the interview!

As I Hear Your Voice (1995)
As I Hear Your Voice

As I hear Your voice softly whisper,
"Child, Come spend some time with me"
I go, but then I falter
Doing only that which pleases me
Why do I lose my focus?
Doing the things I don't want to
You know my aim, my hope is
Only pleasing, loving You

My Lord, My God, My King
You are my everything
And right now as I sing
My humble praise is all I can bring

My Lord I know where I stand
My eyes can't even meet your feet
But still you call my name, and
Lift me so our eyes can meet

Oh how undeserving
I'm a sinner saved by grace
In my walk I am swerving
But your Spirit leads me straight
(Chorus 2X)

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1995 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

What You Say (1995)
What You Say

You say you're going nowhere
And fast, you don't know how
But you gotta get off this crazy carousel
You say you don't know when
But you know you want it to end
But you go around and round again

He wants to free you from the
Things that are binding you and
Give you the peace that only he can give

You say you'll never leave me
And not a thing can separate me
From the love in you
You say that I have loved
Because of the love first shown me
All I need my God, Oh, is your love

You want to free me from the
Things that are binding me and
Give me the peace that only
You can give

Words & Music: Greg Campbell Copyright © 1995 Greg Campbell. Admin by basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

Some more photos from 1996:

Time For a Change

Hey basicmm radio listeners...

Thanks for checking out our podcast, and subscribing to this feed! We're glad to have shared these songs with you this year, and the stories behind them! Fun to relive all that with you.

Due to many contributing factors, we will no longer be releasing new versions of the show after the 3rd Friday in December. (So, including today, two more shows.) We will leave this site up indefinitely, so feel free to check back and listen to any shows you may have missed!

Thanks again for listening!
See ya out there!