Friday, August 19, 2005


The selections for this edition of basicmm radio come from a lost recording recently rediscovered in the Campbell house from the year 2003. We recorded a live show at Chesapeake Coffee Company in Victor, NY (a now-defunct coffee house) with a gathering of friends that made for a fun night. (listen for some great back-up vocals on Called Out Ones!)

The interesting thing about the songs chosen is that they are the only two songs that I wrote in 1998. That was quite a break from the norm at that time! There were a lot of changes in my life that year, and so somehow I only wrote two songs, and both during the same week of camp in PA that summer! Crazy!

Both songs are available for purchase on iTunes, click the links below to go directly to that song at the iTunes Music Store. (must have iTunes software installed on your computer. For the free download, click here)

Wretched Man
Wretched Man - Come As You Are (2002)

Called Out Ones
Called Out Ones - Lord, Hear My Voice (2000)

A few things to add to the podcast:
  • I mentioned that Jen didn't want any part of music that first year we were married... it was true! That's why it was such a cool work of God that we ended up doing music full time! It wasn't something that I clung to, or that she wanted at all, and yet God made it clear that was where he wanted to use us. Amazing.
  • Scriptures referenced here in this podcast: Eph 1:3-5, and Rom 7:15-25.
  • Jen wanted me to point out that we discovered we were pregnant in April (or so) 1998, he was not born until Dec of 1998. :-)
  • The camp mentioned was actually in PA. Was with some good friends of ours, Dave & Marie Drake.
  • Jen likes it when I play guitar now. :-)
  • Kyle Krenzer, who engineered the recording, has a website

Enjoy the podcast! Here are the lyrics for the songs...

Wretched Man (1998)
There’s a war inside of me
And I am the enemy
It seems to take control
And it’s starting to take its toll
You said, “Be Holy, ‘cause I AM”
I try, but I am just a man
How can I bear the weight
Of this one very tall command

Thanks be to God our Savior,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Thanks be to God our Savior
Through Jesus Christ my Lord and King

What a wretched man I am
Fallin’ down on my face again
Who can save me from this mess I’m in
I don’t wanna be here again

How many times I’ve said I wont
Just to turn around and choke
On my own words killin’ me
Oh, I just want to be set free

Called Out Ones (1998)
You are the called out ones
Chosen by the Father
To be like His Son

Before he made the world
He chose you as His own
Before you did a thing
To take the love He’s shown
It was God who made the loving sacrifice
Calling out to you, “My child, take my life”
And that’s why

(all repeats of chorus - “We are the called out ones...”)

Words & Music by: Greg Campbell
© 1998 Greg Campbell - Wretched Man recorded on Come As You Are - © 2002 basic music ministries, Called Out Ones recorded on Lord Hear My Voice - © 2000 basic music ministries. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Grace Of God

The song for this edition of basicmm radio is one that has only been recorded once, for a now extinct demo CD recorded way back in 1995! (View the cover art below... it's amazing.) :-)

I made an error on the podcast. I said that the song was written in 1995. It was actually written in 1994! Crazy. That's a long time ago. The words are still true. The song is still cool. Mostly. :-)

So, here are the lyrics, and the album art. I hope you enjoy the song. (click the title above to listen if you are just visiting the page, and not getting this via iTunes or some other podcast software).

We'll see ya next time!
The Grace of God (1994)

Oh, I've done it again
Though I said I wouldn't
Yeah, my flesh was weak
And I turned from God

//How can He ever forgive me
Over, again and again
Lord, I come back pleading
For your love//

(But) Oh, He's done it again
Loved me, even though he shouldn't
Yeah, my love is weak
But His is strong
His is strong, is strong

New Schedule

We have decided to make things a bit more interesting we would not post these podcasts weekly. There are many factors, but let's just say it seemed to be a good decision.

Instead, we'll now be posting a new edition of basicmm radio on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. (Today being the 1st Friday) :-)

So, if you are not subscribed via some podcast software, please check back on or shortly after those days. :-)