Friday, July 29, 2005

10th Anniversary - July 23, 1995

first basic concert
Hi everyone! Welcome to the second edition of the basicmm radio podcast! Last week we were celebrating an anniversary of sorts, and so we thought it would be good to continue in that since 10 years ago this week (can you believe it!?!) was the first official public concert for the group known as "basic" (or Brother and Sister in Christ, then).

So, buckle your seat belts and hang on for a wild ride down nostalgia lane! :-)

The songs included here are:

The Road Ahead
:: The Road Ahead - Another Road Trip (1996)

One Voice
:: One Voice - Another Road Trip (1996)

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We had so much fun digging into the archives for this podcast, that we are even going to post some photos from that day! Now, these are screen captures off of a VHS tape that's 10 years old... but... you'll get the picture...

HA! :-)

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Enjoy the podcast, and we'll see you next week!


Greg & TaraTodd

Friday, July 22, 2005


Welcome to the first official edition of basicmm radio! We had a couple warm-up versions, and made sure everything was working in the iTunes Music Store and now, we're ready to go!

The song this week is called "One" and was initially written for our wedding, and then first performed for some friends at their wedding. The story is included in the track this week. That will be the general idea of this podcast. Story, background, song. Simple!

We'll include the lyrics for each song as well.


One   (1997-2001)
Written for our wedding, sung at our friends Daron & Meilssa's wedding - 4/1/01

Today we join our hearts as one
And another life in God's begun
By the union of our hearts and souls
In the loving way our God has shown
They will call us one

It's a mystery, the words of Paul
That complete in God, amazement grows
Two lives alone, content in Him
Now joined as one, we stand amazed at Him
They will call us one
They will call us one

One life - to live for Him
One love - that comes from Him
One heart - to show for Him
One place it all begins

Lord, we ask that you'd protect us
From the things that would distract us
From the great responsibility
Of showing everyone Your love for them in us
They will call us one
They will call us one

Some Introductions

Before I post the first official basicmm radio broadcast, I just wanted to share some brief factoid kinda thoughts, for any listeners who somehow happen upon this podcast page.

  • Each week we'll offer another free song from the woodwork that you might not have heard and that is not readily available elsewhere. Something mined from the vast treasure of material which we have recorded at various and sundry locations about the country. (One such recording you'll probably get to hear was recorded in a bathroom. Nice.)
  • Due to the nature of the songs posted here, you're not going to get the highest quality production. :-) But, that's part of the fun. If you want great production, you can get our songs at iTunes, or purchase straight from our store.
  • The music I chose for the intro/outro is from some friends of ours who now go by the name Ellery, but at the time of the recording of the song I used they were named Dividing The Plunder. So, I am not sure who exactly to credit, but it's the title cut from the DTP album The Ordinary. The album is fantastic and well worth your purchase. Click the album title to purchase their CD at CD Baby.

We'll try and put together a show here every week. We'll see how long I can keep up that pace! :-)

Thanks for stopping by! We are officially in the iTunes music store, so visit our link there (below) and subscribe to our podcast so you don't miss a single, exciting episode!!!

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Enjoy the show!